How we got started

From a small room to spreading all over Kathmandu Valley, we innovated our way to the top.

The story behind our success

Shikhardeep Multipurpose Co-operative Limited is one of the legitimate mutipurpose Co-oprative organization of Nepal. Not only it is formally registered with the ‘Division Sahakari Office’ of Government of Nepal and ‘Sahakari Ain’ but also has obtained license from concerned authorities to operate its business from Nepal. Its head office is located at Kaushaltar, Kathmandu.

With seven branches spreading throughout Kathmandu Valley, we are providing services in various areas ranging from deposits, loan and many more..

Respecting the true spirit of Co-operative revolution by the Government of Nepal, Shikhar Deep Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. is established under the then Co-operative Act 2048, with the slogan “Higher Summit, Higher Thought, Higher Commitment“.

With due respect to the spirit of co-operative revolution of the Government of Nepal, Shikhar Deep Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd.  has been providing number of financial opportunities to its needy members and society as a whole, ignoring cheap assurance of the market, since its establishment. The head office of Shikhar Deep Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. is situated in Kaushaltar, Bhaktapur. This multipurpose is established in Nepal by a group of enthusiastic and experienced corporate individuals and entrepreneurs. This institution is managed by hilly skilled personnel who have involved in different financial sectors throughout the country. Shikhar Deep is one of the multipurpose business corporate houses of Nepal. We believe in development of our business investment by providing quality product & services. We have different branches across the Kathmandu Valley and are planning to grow our services and operation throughout Nepal.

      • Kaushaltar
      • Newroad
      • Patan
      • Bagbazar
      • Kamalbinayak
      • Kirtipur
      • Maharajgunj
Average returns in the last 10 years


To enhance member’s economic status and helping in bringing positive changes in the Nepalese society and by providing financially viable, profitable, technically competent, robust and sustainable cooperative services. To motivate the saving of the members by making the optimum utilization of their skills, efforts and idle capital.



Suppressing probable social risks and with a robust governance, helping members toward the path of economic development is the organization’s main vision. Organization aims to become a premier financial institution cooperative with its expertise, superior financial solutions, by generating the feel of faith and intimacy in member’s heart.

Why choose us to manage your investments ?

Consistent Growth

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

Multiple Options

The more, the better; we provide multiple options for financing services.

Strong Connection

We believe in creating a strong relationship with our customers and look forward to provide long lasting service. 

On Time Service

Shikhar Deep Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. values customer’s time and is always committed to deliver reliable services as promised.

A Team of Professionals

Shikhar Deep Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. comprises a team of experts in finance and management to deliver high class services.


Consistently providing good quality and performance, Shikhardeep Co-operative is the one to be trusted.

Advanced Technology

We believe in technology and take the full benefits of the latest trends from the market. We implement them for quality service to our clients.

Information Security

Client’s information is highly secured at Shikhar Deep Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. and we have a dedicated team of experts for customer’s data and information security.

Transforming with Technology

To deliver fast, straightforward, authentic and controlled services to its members, the company has deployed computer software called ‘Infinity’ which has built up a more holistic accounting system of the company.

All financial investments come with risk. Our motto is to balance risk with growth. 

Tony Stark,


Our People

The people who make things happen in our company and who believe and build the future.

Lila Nath Gautam
Bal Mukunda Kapali
Anil Shrestha

incharge, Kaushaltar

Binush Sainju

INCHARGE, KamalBinayak

Niraj Kashpal
Deepa Shahi
Kusum Shakya


Rasana Shakya


Bijay Tamang



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