Building dreams start with building your savings. Get specialized savings accounts for each family member.

About Savings

Savings is the portion of income not spent on current expenditures. Because a person does not know what will happen in the future, money should be saved to pay for unexpected events or emergencies. An individual’s car may breakdown, their dishwasher could begin to leak, or a medical emergency could occur. Without savings, unexpected events can become large financial burdens. Therefore, savings helps an individual or family become financially secure.

Money can also be saved to purchase expensive items that are too costly to buy with monthly income. Buying a new camera, purchasing an automobile, or paying for a vacation can all be accomplished by saving a portion of income.The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought and broadens the mind.

Shikhardeep Multipurpose Co-operative offers a scope of Saving Schemes to our esteemed Customers, with unimaginable highlights. Pick the plan that best suits for you and we guarantee you a stunning profits for your speculations.

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This saving scheme is for the children and has the compulsory time period of 5 years. Under this saving scheme, the stated amount must be deposited monthly. Otherwise, the company would not be liable for the payment of whole sum amount.

Family Saving

This saving scheme is targeted for the senior citizens and has the compulsory time period of five years. Under this saving scheme, the stated amount must be deposited monthly, otherwise, the company would not be liable for the payment of the whole sum amount.


This saving scheme is done for a specific time period. Under this saving scheme, the customer can open the account and deposit the amount on Daily / Weekly / Monthly basis. Upon the completion of period, the total amount will be paid along with the interest of the principle sum.


This saving scheme is an one year saving scheme. Under this saving scheme, the account can be opened by depositing minimum amount of Rs.1000. Also, the amount used while opening the account should be compulsorily deposited monthly for 1 year period. 

Under this saving scheme, the customer needs to deposit the amount on monthly basis for 3 year period. The customer would be getting the services as per the norms set by the company. Wholesum payment will be provided to the customer.

Deposit Schemes

Fixed Deposits are considered the most common and risk-free savings and investment options. These options are designed to provide the depositor with guaranteed returns in the form of interest on the amount invested. The rates of interest provided on the fixed deposits are higher than what is offered on saving accounts and less than those on equities and mutual funds.

The maturity value offered on fixed deposits is generally based on the date of maturity selected by the depositor. 

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